How CodeIgniter Development Services Can Help You Build a Dynamic Website

PHP frameworks are recognized to provide additional assistance, features, and ease-of-development to developers. Depending on their nature, they can be helpful for a business in several ways. One such framework that is ruling the industry for longer than a decade is Codeigniter. It is easier to develop, small in size, and a highly secure framework that gives entrepreneurs versatility in their website development options. Codeigniter development services are also on surge due to this reason.

However, Codeigniter can be the perfect framework for your business and building the ultimate dynamic websites. When you hire a Codeigniter developer, here's how it helps you out.

Flexible Unlike other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter is a very flexible one. Meaning, it is small and size and requires very few requirements. As it can work on both PHP 4 and PHP 5, it gives more options to the developer. It is also the best framework for a developer who constantly shifts between PHP 5 and PHP 4.

Validation Modules Validation is the first layer of security that a business provides to its users. It a very important element of Codeigniter website development, which ensures that no unauthorized person accesses your business information. With the Codeigniter framework, you can easily create custom validation modules that are reliable and protect your business.

Ease of Documentation Imagine that you hire a Codeigniter developer and get the development work done. However, during the time of maintenance, you cannot hire the same developer again or do not want to. For such situations, Codeigniter provides the easier documentation option with which developers can code more efficiently, and also let other developers apprehend your website's code. It helps in the easy maintenance, bug fixing, and up-gradation of your website.

Efficient Error Handling Errors are not rare in any software development work, they are not an exception in Codeigniter too (except for developers). The way a programming language helps you in handling those errors really matters. When we talk about Codeigniter, its appreciable user-friendly interface pays the way for easy detection of errors. Codeigniter development services are then able to fix the bugs much sooner than you except and keep your dynamic business website working like a charm. You can also save error-debugging messages in Codeigniter and send them to error logging classes.

Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture CodeIgniter uses the MVC architecture which makes it considerably easier to develop an app in this framework. For example, instead of months and days, you can develop a web application for your business using Codeigniter in a few systematic steps. The presence of capable Codeigniter developers further streamlines the website for your business.

Wide Range of Functionality When it comes to features, Codeigniter has a plethora of them. Using its wide range of added in-built functionalities and feature benefits, it is quite easier for Codeigniter developer to migrate your website and its vast features from one server to another. With its various classes and support for image manipulation processes like resizing and cropping, it is the perfect choice for creating visually powerful websites and applications.

Security Codeigniter is a highly secure PHP framework, all thanks to its several in-built security tools. The level of security that it provides is often unmatchable by other frameworks. You can switch off runtime directives on your command while enabling system initialization and can also enable various things like cookie encryption, session data handling, and many more.

Query Handling While connecting to a database, data migration and writing queries can be a troublesome task in PHP, Codeigniter simplifies the entire process. Queries are easier to write in Codeigniter and quite simpler than PHP. Take look at the example below.


$connection= mysql_connect("localhost", "fred", "12345 mysql_select_db(“web”, $connection); $result = mysql_query (“SELECT * FROM sites”, $connection); while ($row = mysql_fetech_array ($result, MYSQL_NUM)) { foreach ($row as $attribute) print “{$attribute [1]}”; }


$this->load->database ('web'); $query = $this->db->get('sites'); foreach ($query->result () as $row) { print $row->url }

These were some features of the Codeigniter framework that can help you build robust dynamic websites and applications for your business. Our experts at Kindlebit provide top-notch Codeigniter development services to develop applications that matter. For any query, doubt, or information, feel free to contact us anytime. We are available for your assistance 24/7.

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