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Laravel is undoubtedly a very powerful framework for responsive and secure application development. What you should know that just the use of Laravel is not adequate enough to grow your business. A fast and profitable application needs an efficient and well-optimized code that paves the way for smoother maintenance and best performance. Otherwise, you can face several maintenance and support problems in the future. You can hire Laravel developer today to improve your application's performance. Below are some tips and tricks shared by our Laravel experts to help you optimize your application the best.

Laravel Development Services: The Best Performance Optimization Tips and Tricks

If you are ready to boost your Laravel application's performance, here are some important tips that you should implement:

Config, Route, and PHP Caching

When all your configuration files are cached into a single file, it is easier for the framework to load them while starting. To cache the config, there's a simple Artisan command in Laravel:

php artisan config:cache You can also clear the cache using: php artisan config:clear

Another way to optimize your app for speed is by caching the routes. It is especially useful if there are several routes and configs in your application. You can use the following codes to cache and clear route cache.

php artisan route:cache php artisan route:clear

Though not always required but to cache your entire PHP code, you can use OPcache. You are not required to hire Laravel developer to use OPcache, as it is already compiled on PHP and only needs activation.

Autoload Composer Optimization

For fast Laravel application development, you can also let the Composer create a one-to-one association of all the classes and files used in your application. You can use the following command to do so.

composer dumpautoload -o Remove Unused Libraries

Professional Laravel development services always limit the number of libraries included because no matter how fewer functions you call, the system will call all the libraries present in your code, which can degrade performance.

To solve this problem, make sure that you review all the libraries after completing your code and remove the unused ones from config/app.php and composer.json.

Optimize Classmap

Did you ever wonder why even a small Laravel app has so many files? It is because this framework has a habit of calling multiple files for include requests. By making it declare all the files at once by combining them all into a single file, you can decrease its load time. To implement this, use the code given below.

php artisan optimize --force Remove Unused Services

To tune your Laravel application for further tuning, another tip that professional Laravel development services give is to remove all the unused services in the config files. It will help your application provide better performance.

Use Eloquent For CRUD Operations

Laravel has its own ORM to manage database queries. This ORM is known as Eloquent, which creates models that abstract database table information. When you hire Laravel developer, he uses simple codes to access Eloquent and manages all the CRUD operations. Moreover, when you use Eloquent, it uses eager loading to retrieve all the object models that are related to your query.

Precompile Assets

To keep their code clean and easy to manage, developers often divide their code into separate files, which compromises application efficiency. To precompile all the divided assets, one can use the following commands together.

php artisan optimize php artisan config:cache php artisan route:cache Use the latest version of PHP

If your developer is using older versions of PHP, then he can be missing out on several new improvements and features, which can affect the performance of your Laravel application. By using the latest PHP version, you can make sure that your Laravel developer is making the best use of all the latest PHP features to develop your app.

These were the top ways to optimize the performance of your Laravel application. Our experts at Kindlebit Solutions posses profound information of all the latest technological developments of 2020. We are in the IT industry for more than 10 years and can make any application or software on your demand. Hire Laravel developer at Kindlebit Solutions now to get your best offer. Feel free to contact us anytime to clear any queries and doubts.

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