How Paid Marketing Can Help You Land Leads and Increase Sales

The internet is flooded with various types of businesses whether it is websites of e-commerce or brick-mortar shops setting up their websites or business pages across social media platforms or cyber security companies websites show casing their work and what not. All of them are working to establish themselves as a brand!

With such astronomical numbers, it is very difficult to get your brand noticed. Organic marketing campaigns are great way to build your brand, but they have long gestation periods. However, as a business Paid Marketing provides quick and easy results so that you can build your brand at a much faster rate.

What is Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing or Digital Advertising, refers to usage of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Ads on various platforms like YouTube to get people talking about your brand, so that you can tap into new and potential customers, encourage customer engagement, and run targeted and optimized campaigns.

This is how Paid Marketing helps you:

  • Paid Marketing creates a buzz about your brand

Unless you are an established brand in your niche, say Nike, Apple, Google, Burger King etc. chances are people won’t know about your brand, which is the biggest task you have cut out for you is getting yourself recognized in people’s eyes. It is an established fact that people tend to buy products from businesses they have heard about not from someone who is new to the market.

  • Paid Marketing helps you land qualified and warm audience

It is cliché quote, but it works, “Everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold.” With the number of advertisements everyone sees in a day, people are less and less likely to pay attention to your advertisement and hence least likely to purchase whatever you are selling. However, if you tap into say paid advertising whatever you are trying to sell is something people are searching online and are shown ad for it, or they might have clicked a similar sponsored post thus are more likely to click again. Such an audience is known as warm audience i.e., they are most likely to convert.

  • Paid Marketing helps increase your content outreach across social media platforms

The organic outreach of social media content has been decreasing across the years. This has been happening because of the number of creators that are trying to create content. In a latest study by it was found that an Organic Facebook Post outreach was as low as 5.20%. As a brand having a good social media presence, pays a lot of dividends by putting in sponsored posts on your social media handles you can increase your outreach manifold, thereby creating buzz in people’s mind about your product or service or brand.

  • Paid Marketing helps increase penetration in your market

By running paid marketing, you get a lot more insights to what kind of people are clicking your ads thus you can target those people who have similar interests to these people but haven’t bought a product from you. All this leads to increased penetration in the already competitive market.

  • Paid Marketing helps you get better insights

Google’s Ads and Facebook’s Ads Manager benefit from the sheer number of users both have. They can give you a lot of insight into the demographic of the people who have been interested in your posts and allow the option to create lookalike audience through Facebook’s Ads Manager and similar audience in Google’s Adwords. Thereby, you get a very clear picture to what kind of content your audience likes.

  • Paid Marketing allows for better Retargeting 

With a paid marketing campaign, you can identify potential customers who clicked your ad the first time and can serve them retargeted ads thereby passing them through each step of the sales funnel until the purchase takes place, such retargeting is not possible with simple organic traffic.

The paid marketing strategy requires proper optimization of your campaigns as you are spending money for every click, in case of PPC or spending money to get your ad displayed across various social media channels or YouTube, you can either try to do this on your own and learn from your experiences or you can hire a company who specialize in this. 

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