The Latest ASP.NET Software Development Trends

It has been nearly two decades since ASP.NET was first introduced, and its demand in the market has barely reduced. If you are a developer, you must be keeping up with its changing trends. Large brands and even startups are also interested in ASP.NET core development services due to the versatility and features of this programming language like smart caching, rapid development, scalability, and rich tools. Back in the day ASP.NET even became the #1 language for developing dynamic web pages, applications, and services. However, to meet up with the demands of 2020, below are some new trends that have recently emerged in ASP.NET Software Development.

The Authenticity Concept

We all are well aware of how strictly social media giants implement trademark and copyright infringement laws. Now, there is an addition to this strictness with the notification of false information. Every time a user uploads a false fact, the respective platform warns the users with dialogue like "This information can be false," and blurs the background. You must have noticed this design trend on Facebook and Instagram. If not, then take a look at the images below.

Therefore, if you are in a mood do develop a social media or communication app for your brand, make sure to integrate this authenticity concept. 

The 'Related Content' Section

Be it e-commerce or a general blog page of a startup brand, an impressive website in 2020 provides is visitors with some options. You cannot deny that you have scrolled through the 'related products' and 'read more' section yourself. Hence, as the availability of options is high-in-demand on the internet, you must ask your ASP.NET core development services to provide you with an elegant and interactive dedicated related content design and format. 

Blind Spots In Web App Development

While developing a web app, there are several blind spots that developers usually ignore. There is a long list of them, but we have selected the ones that can make your brand look the most unprofessional on the internet. These are:

  • Pop-ups that ruin the smartphone browsing experience
  • Failure of email UX
  • Incapable confirmation models (confirmation to delete a file or send important email)
  • Disproportionate buttons and logos
  • Failure of Scroll down buttons

If you have any such blind spot present on your web app, the modern trend is to immediately pay some attention to them. Also, if you are interested in developing a new application, ensure you don't miss these blind spots.

Interactive Animations

Interactive animations are again the latest trend. You must have noticed them on e-commerce stores. The reason why they look pleasing to the eyes is that they deliver a smooth experience. They take your web app to a new level. You can develop an interaction login page to make your app look more impressive. With efficient programming, you can set several controls and even create animated menus.  


It's time to go old school in 2020 with the marquee tag. If you don't know what does this does, then let us tell you that Marquee is a basic visual design concept that every developer used a lot while learning HTML. It creates a slideshow of any text, image, or frame that you want on your webpage. You must remember it from the early 2000s, but in 2020 it is used to catch the user's attention towards the sale or marketing section of the app.

These were the latest design trends in ASP.NET software development. If you are looking for an ASP.NET developer, are experts at Kindlebit are more than ready to help. For any query or doubt, feel free to get in touch with us now.

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