Why Digital Marketing is paramount for Small Businesses in 2021

As per Statista, as of January 2021 there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide - 59.5 percent of the global population.

With so many users now turning online, can you as a business owner hope to still avoid digital marketing to grow your business.

I don’t think so. Neither should you, as that would mean you aren’t serious about business.

Another important stat by Shopify, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform for online stores and Point of Sales services had predicted in 2019

Global B2C ecommerce sales to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

With the pandemic, this figure might also have surpassed by now. So as a business owner you just can ignore an online presence. However, knowing the right strategy will be instrumental in making your online presence worthwhile and you could actually leverage it to make money online.

Let’s dive in,

Advantages of Digital Marketing

It helps you create a presence online

  • The COVID pandemic has taught that having a presence online means that customers are still able to reach you which means no matter what the situation is you are able to make money, thus providing you with a peace of mind.

Digital Marketing helps to create Brand Awareness

  • Say you are just starting out your business, people are less likely to believe you and thus are less likely to do business with you. By having a proper strategy which can include content creation which can be either in the form of blog posts, articles or social media posts etc. With time, as more and more people come to know more about you, people will be likely to spend their hard earned money to whatever you are selling.

Your Website can help you make a sale or prospect of sale 24/7

  • While having a business and not having a website for it in 2021 , is similar to having the costliest car in the market but having the worst tyres on it. Having your website is that important also it acts as a pool to connect with your prospective market. This website can also act as a tool where you may decide to sell some of your products online or allow appointment booking or provide information about how they can book your service.

It helps you land new business leads

  • If someone were to be new in your area and is looking for something that you sell whether it is service or a product having a presence online means that they are able to contact you, thus you may end up with a new sale and a prospective returning customer as well.

Monitoring of your campaigns

  • In the traditional marketing, you had to try so many different methods before you found out what works for you and thus would end up spending a lot of money, their digital counterparts which provide so many different stats and data to work make your marketing decisions quick and more efficient.

Better ROI

  • As mentioned earlier, the various tools allow all kinds of monitoring thus you can keep a check on how much return you are getting on your investment something which isn’t possible with say printing of flyers, billboards, classified ads etc. Keeping track of these you can also double down on what works for you in a much less time than previous methods thus you know that you are not shooting in the dark.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

  • This is one area where the conventional methods, just won’t cut it no matter what. Say you were to have flyers distributed about a new car dealership in your area, but the person who receives this isn’t interested in buying or leasing a car in the near future, for him or her that flyer is useless. On the contrary, when someone is actually looking to buy a car and they search online they are shown about your car dealership and thus are much likely to enquire about the kinds of cars you have. It is a win- win situation for both you and your customer.

Digital Marketing is easier on your pocket

  • Conventional methods require a lot of investment. To get a billboard printed and then displayed will end up hurting your pocket anywhere between a few thousand bucks, to get flyers printed and then distributed will also cause you to lighten your pocket by a few hundred bucks whereas if you were to put ads on search engine they can start dirt cheap for some niches and keywords and can go high as well but having a optimized written ad means that the cost of putting ad is paid by the sales you end up making.

Higher Conversion Ratio

  • With no dearth of tools available out there to measure site’s performance e.g. Google Analytics, SEMRush, Ahrefs etc. Website owners are able to extract a lot of information about their present customers as well as their potential customers, this valuable insight can be used to make similar kind of content which already converts for them and are able to replicate it elsewhere. Such kinds of tools are also provided through Social Media platforms as well. None of these things have existed in conventional marketing. Thus, conventional marketers are always at a disadvantageous position as compared to their digital counterparts.

In conclusion, Digital Marketing can help you stand out from the competition also by having a proper strategy to grow digitally means that you are not leaving money on the table as you are trying to tap into the most business opportunities.

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