Embedded solutions and Embedded applications today are the foundations of innovative industry verticals. Embedded applications and software are the core intelligent aka smart devices. Embedded applications development is combinations of technology, architecture, and domain technology.

At Kindlebit, we design and develop embedded applications and solutions that cater to various industries. Our team of experienced developers has worked on and developed various embedded solutions for all kinds of needs and has the required knowledge and expertise to cater to your needs. Right from the Internet of Things, industrial and home automation, Avionics, M2M solutions, device drivers, Bluetooth, security solutions, automotive embedded systems, Navigation and tracking solutions and Telematics we have done it all.


  • Wireless and OTA automation solutions
  • Operating System
  • Embedded OS
  • Mobile OS
  • Device Drivers
  • Languages and development environments
  • Firmware Development
  • Testing and Measurement Services

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