“If you love ASP.NET” – you would surely love to try orchard CMS !

Orchard framework has become developer’s most prominent choice to develop web applications and marketing pages because of its rich and robust features.

When to go for Orchard CMS :

  • When high customization is required.
  • Where a user-friendly admin section matters a lot.
  • When it comes to content creation and management.

Orchard has become one of the most preferable choices for many because of it’s :

  • high end functionality.
  • ease of use in developing customized features.

At Kindlebit, our highly-experienced developers are committed to provide the best in industry Orchard CMS Development.

Our professional developers have complete Orchard CMS knowledge, our team is highly efficient and knows what it takes to develop a high-end Orchard and .NET based modules, widgets and websites that speak all about your business.

Our team of dedicated CMS developers can cater to your all kinds of needs and work in tight schedules.

Hire Orchard Developers From Kindlebit Technologies For:

  • Building something on top of your website
  • Developing theme for your website
  • Posting custom content, not just web page, for example press release
  • Enjoying working with Microsoft products
  • Looking for better website performance

Other Distinctive Characteristics :

  • Orchard is fully Optimized to gain benefits from the Azure environment.
  • One of the big surprises of Orchard CMS that one can make content ‘Visible’ or ‘Hidden’ from some or any particular page of your choice.
  • Websites created with Orchard CMS loads quite relatively quickly if compared to sites built in other Frameworks.
  • Orchard manages web content efficiently with boosted Content Management System using MVC based architecture.

So if you are looking to hire the services of an Orchard CMS development company that is regarded as very skillful in dealing with all the most important feature, then consider Kindlebit Solutions as your one stop solution partner.

In our opinion it is the best architected CMS framework around and is built on top of the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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