For any business or enterprise security of server and data is one of the most important aspects of your hosted environment. Any network that is connected to the Internet is prone to data theft and attacks. Server security is a complex and requires real expertise and knowledge for implementing complete security.

At Kindlebit, we prioritize Server Security and Data Security at top apex. Our team of experts is empowered with complete knowledge and vast extensive experience of implementing server security. Our team has a good track record of implementing server security and successfully catering to various client needs. We offer full-scale server security services, if you are looking for a server security partner, your search ends here!


  • Allow Minimal Privileges Via Mount Options
  • Linux /etc/sysctl.conf Hardening (Kernal level security)
  • Remove All Unwanted Nginx& Apache Modules
  • Use mod_security (only for backend Apache servers)
  • Install SELinux Policy to Harden the Nginx& Apache Web server
  • Restrictive IPtables Based Firewall
  • Controlling Buffer Overflow Attacks
  • Control Simultaneous Connections
  • Allow Access To Our Domain Only
  • Block Referral Spam
  • Limit Available Methods
  • Directory Restrictions
  • Nginx& apache SSL Configuration
  • Use Secure Shell (SSH)

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