YouTube Ads by Google is an exemplary marketing platform that offers a user to market products with quality videos and images. YouTube is second largest search engine after Google that has a daily traffic of millions of users, thus making it one ideal place for advertising among the big audience.

Kindlebit is home to some of the best YouTube Advertisers who has in-depth advertisement knowledge backed by extensive experience in advertisement campaign creation. This makes our team ideal for handling your YouTube advertisements. Our team offers three YouTube advertisement types, all customizable to cater to your business needs and requirements. All you need to do is get and in touch with us and rest our team of experts will do.


  • TrueView In-stream:
    -In this, the viewers have the option to watch the entire video or to skip it after 5 seconds.
  • TrueView In-display:
    -Viewers have the option to click on your ad and view.
  • TrueView In-search ads:
    -The ad appears in the search results during user searching.


  • Uploading ads to YouTube service
  • Tracking campaign results
  • Constant Optimization & Management
  • Complete Campaign Management
  • Complete Advertisement Support
  • Regular Reporting & Client Communication

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